Spending Time with Morgan

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Ane Brun / 民谣 / 2003-05


Ane Brun (Norwegian pronunciation: [ɑːnə ˈbrʉːn]; born Ane Brunvoll on 10 March 1976 in Molde, Norway) is a Norwegian songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of Sami origin

Spending Time with Morgan的曲目列表

1-01. Humming One of Your Songs
1-02. Are They Saying Goodbye?
1-03. On Off
1-04. I Shot My Heart
1-05. Drowning in Those Eyes
1-06. So You Did It Again
1-07. One More Time
1-08. Headphone Silence
1-09. What I Want
1-10. Sleeping by the Fyris River
1-11. Wooden
1-12. Body

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