Sunset Boulevard (1993 Original London Cast)

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Original Cast / 古典 / 1996-06-10

Sunset Boulevard (1993 Original London Cast)的曲目列表

Disc 1
1. Act I: Prologue
2. Act I: Let's Have Lunch
3. Act I: Sheldrake's Office
4. Act I: On The Road/The House On Sunset
5. Act I: Surrender
6. Act I: With One Look
7. Act I: Salome
8. Act I: The Greatest Star Of All
9. Act I: Let's Have Lunch/Girl Meets Boy
10. Act I: The House On Sunset
11. Act I: New Ways To Dream
12. Act I: The Lady's Paying
13. Act I: The House On Sunset
14. Act I: The Perfect Year
15. Act I: Dialogue After The Perfect Year
16. Act I: Artie Green's Apartment
17. Act I: This Time Next Year
18. Act I: The House On Sunset
Disc 2
1. Sunset Boulevard
2. Act II: The Perfect Year
3. Act II: Journey To Paramount
4. Act II: As If We Never Said Goodbye
5. Act II: Surrender
6. Act II: Girl Meets Boy
7. Act II: Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering
8. Act II: Too Much In Love To Care
9. Act II: New Ways To Dream
10. Act II: Sunset Boulevard
11. Act II: The Greatest Star Of All

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