Just Another Diamond Day

8.6 822人评价

Vashti Bunyan / 民谣 / 19 October, 2004


Japanese pressing includes a bonus track & comes packaged in a miniture LP sleeve. Produced in 1970 by the legendary Joe Boyd, Just Another Diamond Day has long been considered a holy grail for Brit-folk record collectors, with original copies of the album fetching over $1,000 at auction. It shouldn't take many listens to realize why it's so highly regarded; Just Another Diamond Day is, in its own humble way, nearly a thing of perfection. Ind. 2006.

Just Another Diamond Day的曲目列表

• Diamond Day
• Glow Worms
• Lily Pond
• Timothy Grub
• Where I Like To Stand
• Swallow Song
• Window Over The Bay
• Rose Hip November
• Come Wind Come Rain
• Hebridean Sun
• Rainbow River
• Trawlerman's Song
• Jog Along Bess
• Iris's Song For Us
• Love Song
• I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
• Winter Is Blue
• Iris's Song (Version Two)

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