Fab Four Suture

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Stereolab / 电子 / 2006


Spin Magazine hailed Stereolab as one of pop's 50 most influential ensembles. Over fifteen prolific years, the band has produced qualitatively consistent and unique music that has been instantly recognized by media. In addition to over a dozen glittering LPs, their back catalog is littered with fan-pleasing gems: limited editions, one-off collaborations, split singles, etc. This CD/double 10-compilation also includes songs from the previous 7-inch series released in September 2005. "England's lounge-pop heroes" - Blender. "Stereolab's unmistakable cosmonaut pop...was a trademarked stamp of the '90s. No one else managed to duplicate their retro-futurist harmony or even come close to naming their albums with the same pre-Fridge Magnet Poetry serendipitous absurdity" - Fader.

Fab Four Suture的曲目列表

1. Kyberneticka Babicka Part 1
2. Interlock
3. Eye Of The Volcano
4. Plastic Mile
5. 'Get A Shot Of The Refrigerator'
6. Visionary Road Maps
7. Vodiak
8. Whisper Pitch
9. Excursions Into 'Oh, A-Oh'
10. I Was A Sunny Rainphase
11. Window Weirdo
12. Kyberneticka Babicka Part 2

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