Aldyn Dashka

9.0 132人评价

Yat-Kha / 2001-09-11


The third album from Yat-Kha finds them very much refining the process begun on their first two albums. The throat singing remains the central focus, but their way of framing it in a wondrous mix of modern and ancient instruments has become very subtle indeed, whether it's the reverse cymbals behind "Oy Adym" or the programming and textures of "Chedi Tei" and "Takh-Pakh Chaskhy Tan." As before, the guitar plays a very important part, played by bandleader Albert Kuvezin, giving a real jolt (along with Alexei Saaia's bass) to the acoustic lineup, and hurling it into another dimension, even though he doesn't use distortion or power chords.

Aldyn Dashka的曲目列表

Oy Adym (My Grey Horse)


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