Anjunabeats Vol.1

8.5 61人评价

Above & Beyond / 2005-06-14


Anjunabeats Vol. 3 is a journey through trance's better neighborhoods. After kicking off with the rocking guitar sound of Yilmaz Altanhan's 'Eighties' & the disco/house-influenced genius of David West's 'Larry Mountains 54', the mix unleashes full blown trance anthems such as Kyau vs Albert's 'Made Of Sun' and Super8 vs DJ Tab's 'First Aid' but still finds room for more subtle gems like Lucas & Beltram's 'Trust Me' and Aspekt's 'Hi-jack'. Uplifting and melodic trance at its finest, Anjunabeats Vol. 3 is Above & Beyond's first mix CD release since their award-winning Radio 1 Essential Mix and the first must-own trance compilation of 2005. 14 total tracks. Anjunabeats. 2005.

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