Heart Food

8.7 85人评价

Judee Sill / 2005-10-31


On Judee Sill's second album, rather than using an outside arranger for the strings (as she did on her previous album), Sill did all of the work herself. Her lack of formal training and the immense amount of orchestral overdubs certainly would have made such an outing a hardship for anyone. But the results are outstanding with echoes of Bach supporting the stellar early 70s Laurel Canyon singer/songwriter melodies. The supporting cast of top L.A. studio musicians solidifies Sill's unique brand of folk-flavored pop, which moves from introspective meanderings to loping rock, often within a single song. New detailed liner notes by XTC's Andy Partridge. Water Records. 2005.

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There's a Rugged Road


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