The Very Best Of The Eagles

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The Eagles / 2001


Import reissue of 1994 compilation, newly remastered & new artwork. 17 tracks, 'Take It Easy', 'Witchy Woman', 'Peaceful Easy Feeling', 'Doolin Dalton', 'Desperado', 'Tequila Sunrise', 'Best Of My Love', 'James Dean', 'I Can't Tell You Why', 'Lyin' Eyes', 'Take It To The Limit', 'One Of These Nights', 'Hotel California', 'New Kid In Town', 'Life In The Fast Lane', 'Heartache Tonight' & 'Long Run'. Reissue of one of Phantom's all-time best-selling releases, digitally remastered with brand new artwork! The 17 classic tracks featured on this hits retrospective that spans 1971-1980 have been resequenced as well. From 'Take It Easy' to ' One Of These Nights' to 'Hotel California' to 'Heartache Tonight', this collection truly contains the very best of the Eagles.

The Very Best Of The Eagles的曲目列表

1. One Of These Nights
2. Take It Easy
3. Hotel California
4. New Kid In Town
5. Heartache Tonight
6. Tequila Sunrise
7. Desperado
8. Best Of My Love
9. Lyin' Eyes
10. Take It To The Limit
11. I Can't Tell You Why
12. Peaceful Easy Feeling
13. James Dean
14. Doolin-Dalton
15. Witchy Woman
16. Long Run
17. Life In The Fast Lane

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