Au Val Des Roses

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Collection D'Arnell Andrea / 2005-10-04


Hoped by more and more fans, the re-release LP of COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDREA, entitled "Au Val Des Roses" will come out in September 2005, again with Prikosnovenie. The 8 tracks of this record (+bonus track, remix and video) may seem different from each others, but in fact, they all join in the "deep and tenebrous unity" of what we have to name from now on : The proper Style of COLLECTION D'ARNELLANDREA. "This music is both impassioned and ravishing. Entrance me to the end of love." (D. Simpson / MELODY MAKER). "The style of this french combo could almost be categorised as a form of chamber music in which they add droning bass, drum machine and the etheral vocals of Chloe St Liphard to violins and cellos." (FOR THE RECORD). Prikosnovie.2006

Au Val Des Roses的曲目列表

1 Un Horizon De Lune (5:02)
2 Aux Cordes Eternelles (6:43)
3 Une Trêve Prodigue (4:35)
4 Une Attente Douleur (4:35)
5 Un Matin De Septembre (5:21)
6 Un Parc, Une Tonnelle (5:02)
7 Un Refuge Lointain (6:02)
8 Un Tiède Reposoir (3:25)

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