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Anti-Flag / 2002


Anti-Flag's newest full-length since selling 75,000+ in ten months of their fourth album Underground Network on Fat Wreck Chords. Special because it features 8 new studio tracks including '9-1-1 for Peace', Anti-Flag's statement regarding the hideous September 11th attacks on the United States, plus 6 live recordings of Anti-Flag classics including 'Die for the Government', 'A New Kind of Army', and 'Underground Network'. The live portion was recorded as a time capsule regarding current world events and the Anti-Flag punk community. Includes free 21 tracks A-F Records Sampler CD included in this release. Anti-Flag Records.


1. 911 For Peace
2. Mumia's Song
3. What's The Difference
4. We Want To Be Free
5. NBC (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)
6. Right To Choose
7. We Don't Need It
8. Anatomy Of Your Enemy
9. Underground Network (Live)
10. Tearing Everyone Down (Live)
11. Bring Out Your Dead (Live)
12. A New Kind Of Army (Live)
13. Their System Doesn't Work for You-Live
14. Free Nation (Live)
15. Spazs House Destruction Party-Live
16. Die For The Government (Live)





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