Spirit of the Forest

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Korpiklaani / 民谣 / 2003-11-10


Korpiklaani (Forest Klan), from the mystic forests of Finland, present an indisputable Folk Metal achievement with Spirit of the Forest. The musical offerings of the band utilize traditional instruments such as the flute, jouhilkko and accordion, alongside modern guitars, bass and drums. Spirit of the Forest is an unique release from a band that stands for quintessential Finnish music.

Spirit of the Forest的曲目列表

01. Wooden Pints
02. Before The Morning Sun
03. God Of Wind
04. With Trees
05. Pellonpekko
06. You Looked Into My Eyes
07. Hullunhumppa
08. Man Can Go Even Throuh The Grey Stone
09. Pixies Dance
10. Juokse Sinä Humma (Keep On Running You My Horse)
11. Crows Bring The Spring
12. Hengettömiltä Hengiltä (From The Dead People`S Spirit)
13. Shaman Drum
14. Mother Earth

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