Traveling Miles

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Cassandra Wilson / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 1999-03-23


Cassandra Wilson is an American jazz musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Jackson, Mississippi. Described by critic Gary Giddins as "a singer blessed with an unmistakable timbre and attack [who has] expanded the playing field" by incorporating blues, country, and folk music into her work.

Traveling Miles的曲目列表

1. Run the Voodoo Down
2. Traveling Miles
3. Right Here, Right Now
4. Time After Time
5. When the Sun Goes Down
6. Climb That Road
7. Someday My Prince Will Come
8. Never Broken (ESP)
9. Resurrection Blues (Tutu)
10. Sky and Sea (Blue in Green)
11. Piper
12. Voodoo Reprise

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