In The Fishtank, Vol. 11

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The Black Heart Procession, Solbakken / 2004


"In The Fishtank" is the ongoing project of Konkurrent, indie music distributor in the Netherlands. They invite musicians to record and give them two days studio time and the freedom to do whatever they like. Here, Black Heart Procession and Dutch prog rockers Solbakken become sparring partners, the result ending up somewhere in the land of Bad Seeds, uncovering a bag of Morricone leftovers that had been tossed behind a large container of old new wave favorites.

In The Fishtank, Vol. 11的曲目列表

1. Voiture En Rouge
2. Dog Song
3. Nervous Persian
4. A Taste Of You And Me
5. Things Go On With Mistakes
6. Your Cave

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