In Colour

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The Concretes / 2006-06-03


Import only LP pressing. The Concretes In Colour is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed self titled debut. The album was recorded in Stockholm and mixed in Nebraska with producer Mike Mogis (Conor Oberst's longtime co-conspirator, live musical director and producer for Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis & Rilo Kiley, The Faint and more). The album is very much a step on from the last one in terms of song writing and marks a change in the band's sound too. For the first time there are lead vocals from Maria on 'Grey Days' and Lisa on a duet with Romeo from The Magic Numbers on 'Your Call'. EMI. 2006.

In Colour的曲目列表

1. On The Radio
2. Sunbeams
3. Change In The Weather
4. Chosen One
5. Your Call
6. Fiction
7. Tomorrow
8. As Four
9. Grey Days
10. A Way Of Life
11. Ooh La La
12. Song For The Songs

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