We Fight Til Death

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Windsor for the Derby / 2004-08-17


This year Windsor For The Derby celebrates its tenth year with the release of its fifth full-length, We Fight Til Death. Over those ten years Dan Matz (newly relocated to Philadelphia) and Jason McNeely (from Austin) have managed to arduously maintain this project over many miles. Those years have seen many personnel changes and much help from their talented friends. Over the last few years, Timothy White and Ben Cissner have jumped on board to lend their invaluable assistance to WFTD and help create a solid quartet. We Fight Til Death finds WFTD in Bloomington with Dan Burton (Early Day Miners, Ativin) at the controls. This album was recorded and mixed over the last year at Grotto Home Studio with Burton and a few other locals sitting in. WFTD find a way to take each release to a wholly different trajectory while at the same time creating a progressive connection to the last. The skewed pop sensibilities of The Emotional Rescue are hinted at on We Fight Til Death, as well as the dark refrains of 1998’s Minnie Greutzfeldt. By combining elements of previous releases and exploring new terrain, We Fight Til Death is Windsor For The Derby’s most realized release to date.

We Fight Til Death的曲目列表

1 The Melody Of A Fallen Tree
2 The Cutter
3 Nightengale
4 The Door Is Red
5 Logic And Suprise
6 Black Coats
7 A Spring Like Sixty
8 For People Unknown
9 We Fight Til Death
10 Flight

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