Sooner or Later

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BBMak / 2000-05-16

Sooner or Later的曲目列表

1. "Back Here" (Christian Burns; Mark Barry; McNally; Phil Thornalley) 3:35
2. "I'm Not in Love" (Jon Lind; Oliver Leiber) 4:14
3. "Next Time" (John Shanks; Oliver Leiber; Paul Peterson) 3:51
4. "Unpredictable" (Anthony Kavanaugh; Oliver Leiber; Paul Peterson) 4:24
5. "Ghost of You and Me" (Jon Lind; Richard Page) 4:46
6. "I Can Tell" (James Gass; Thicke) 3:39
7. "Love Is Leaving" (Christian Burns; Mark Barry; McNally) 4:18
8. "Love on the Outside" (Christian Burns; Mark Barry; McNally) 2:47
9. "Still on Your Side" (Benenate; Christian Burns; Mark Barry; McNally; O'Brian; Thiele) 3:48
10. "Always" (Christian Burns; Mark Barry; Ste McNally) 1:06
11. "Can't Say" (Christian Burns; Mark Barry; Munday; Phil Thornalley; Ste McNally) 3:38
12. "Again" (Christian Burns; Mark Barry; Stephen McNally) 3:35

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