Transistor Radio

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M.Ward / 2005


From a half-named troubadour with an otherworldly voice and an old time sensibility comes this fourth full-length, a collection of songs "about childhood memories of a utopian radio power", dedicated to "the last of the remaining independent radio stations." With songs normally associated with the front porches of Louisiana, back when families gathered around the radio instead of the TV, "Transistor Radio" fits somewhere between your great-grandfather's collection of 78 rpm records and current and timeless artists such as Iron & Wine, Gram Parsons, and Tom Waits. Guests include Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), and Jordan Hudson (The Thermals).

Transistor Radio的曲目列表

1. You Still Believe In Me
2. One Life Away
3. Sweethearts On Parade
4. Hi-Fi
5. Fuel For Fire
6. Four Hours In Washington
7. Regeneration No. 1
8. Big Boat
9. Paul's Song
10. Radio Campaign
11. Here Comes The Sun Again
12. Deep Dark Well
13. Oh Take Me Back
14. I'll Be Yr Bird
15. Lullaby + Exile
16. Well-Tempered Clavier

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