It's All Around You

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Tortoise / 2004


From the deep and understated rhythms and tones on their 1996 landmark "Millions Now Living Will Never Die", to the bombastic rock of 2001's "Standards", Tortoise have always been ahead of their time. This release finds the band doing what they do best; building and rebuilding upon melodies and rhythms with their own remarkable touch. Lush, orchestrated tones, intricate melodies, and densely elaborate rhythms make this their most thoughtful record to date.

It's All Around You的曲目列表

1. It's All Around You
2. Lithium Shifts
3. Crest
4. Stretch (You Are All Right)
5. Unknown
6. Dot/Eyes
7. On The Chin
8. By Dawn
9. Five Too Many
10. Salt The Skies

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