Moby Grape

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Moby Grape / 摇滚 / 1967


Few debuts are as initially powerful and permanently impressive as this 1967 set from San Francisco's Moby Grape. The triple-threat quintet (every member played, sang and wrote songs) serves up an utterly unique first course that mixes psychedelia, hook-filled pop, blues and country elements. The album tosses off diamond-delicate ballads and full bore rockers with equal soul and inspiration -- and more energy than any other band then on the scene. Without a single duff cut, here's an album that plays as fresh and strong as the day it was first released.

Moby Grape的曲目列表

1. Hey Grandma
2. Mr. Blues
3. Fall On You
4. 805
5. Come In The Morning
6. Omaha
7. Naked, If I Want To
8. Someday
9. Ain't No Use
10. Sitting By The Window
11. Changes
12. Lazy Me
13. Indifference

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