Bridges to Babylon

7.9 200人评价

Rolling Stones / 1997-09-30


Limited edition of their 1997 album in a special package: astandard jewel case within an etched clear & silver slipcasethat accentuates the graphic of the lion on the cover art.Contains 13 tracks, including the singles 'Anybody Seen MyBaby?' and 'Saint Of Me'. A Virgin release.

Bridges to Babylon的曲目列表

1 Flip the Switch
2 Anybody Seen My Baby?
3 Low Down
4 Already Over Me
5 Gunface
6 You Don't Have to Mean It
7 Out of Control
8 Saint of Me
9 Might as Well Get Juiced
10 Always Suffering
11 Too Tight
12 Thief in the Night
13 How Can I Stop

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