Dusty in Memphis

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Dusty Springfield / 流行 / 1969


这张专辑在滚石杂志选出的500张历代最强专辑中排名第89位。前100名的后面十几张里,有不少都是革命性一般但流行性超强的专辑,这就是其中一张,也许欠缺创意,但是给人舒服的感觉。 英国乐坛的常青树,她的音乐生涯长约40年,由于她去世时是60岁,我们简直可以说她一辈子都在唱歌。她出道的第一首单曲I Only Want to Be With You就在英美两地都取得了极大成功,她的风格是灵魂乐!她除了以歌艺闻名以外还有一件事情震惊世人,她大概是第一个坦率地承认自己是同性恋的著名艺人,那年头不可能用这个来制造噱头

Dusty in Memphis的曲目列表

1. Just a Little Lovin'
2. So Much Love
3. Son of a Preacher Man
4. I Don't Want to Hear it Anymore
5. Don't Forget About Me
6. Breakfast in Bed
7. Just One Smile
8. The Windmills of Your Mind
9. In the Land of Make Believe
10. No Easy Way Down
11. I Can't Make It Alone
12. What Do You Do when Love Dies
13. Willie & Laura Mae Jones
14. That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)
15. Cherished
16. Goodbye
17. Make it with You
18. Love Shine Down
19. Live Here with You
20. Natchez Trace
21. All the King's Horses
22. I'll Be Faithful
23. Have a Good Life Baby
24. You've Got a Friend
25. I Found My Way

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