Bad Brothers

8.0 25人评价

Ronny Jordan / DJ Krush / 1994-08-16


In what could have been a very eclectic and explorative collaboration, turntablist supreme DJ Krushand pioneering acid jazz guitarist Ronnie Jordanchurn out a collection of Krushremixes that only occasionally steps outside the friendly confines of smooth jazz. It's not that this is a stereotypical smooth jazz record, but the detriment of this wing of the highly hyped genre of acid jazz was really only a fusion of beats and laid-back jazz instrumentation and/or soulful vocal stylings (frighteningly close to smooth jazz). Not all acid jazz so easily fell into that trap, but the design of the formula alone left that as the case more times than not. Unfortunately, Bad Brothers fell right in, head over heels. The only things that save this from being played on smooth jazz radio are Krush's beats, which hold his patented minimalist hip-hop trip that most Earl Klughfans might find a bit aggressive.

Bad Brothers的曲目列表

Jackal - Dana Bryant, Ronny Jordan


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