Nursery Cryme

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Genesis / 1994-09-20


Nursery Cryme is the third studio album from the English rock band Genesis, released in November 1971 on Charisma Records. Following the addition of drummer Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett in the band's line-up, the group completed their 1970–71 tour in support of their previous album, Trespass (1970), before they began writing and rehearsing for a new album. Nursery Cryme saw the band move away from their folk-oriented sound into progressive rock with a more aggressive direction with electric guitars and keyboards.
Nursery Cryme received a mixed response from critics and was not a commercial success; it did not enter the UK chart until 1974, when it reached its peak at No. 39. The band toured the UK and Europe for one year to promote the album, which raised their profile in both territories. The tour included a successful Italian leg in April 1972, where the group played to enthusiastic crowds. Nursery Cryme was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry in 2013.

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