My Favourite Letters

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Alice Russell / 爵士 / 2005


Alice Russell's second solo album has been highly anticipated. Having slowly but surely build up her reputation as one of the UK's finest soul singers, through her recordings with a number of artists and live appearances, she is now concentrating on her solo career. My Favourite Letters has been produced and co-written by TM Jukes who has added his magic musical touch to Alice's gifted vocals. The album could be described as a kaleidoscope of soul music history with influences from Gospel, Hip-hop, Jazz, Northern Soul, Broken Beat, Electronica and Funk. 12 tracks. Tru Thoughts. 2005.

My Favourite Letters的曲目列表

1. All Else Can Wait
2. What We Want!
3. Humankind
4. Mean to Me
5. Fly in the Hand
6. To Know This
7. I'm Just Here
8. Munkaroo
9. All Over Now
10. High Up on the Hook
11. Mirror Mirror on the Wolf-'Tell the Story Right'
12. Remember to Forget

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