Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Lebens Heil!

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Der Blutharsch / 1998


Label: WKN
Catalog#: WKN03
Format: CD, Album, 1st Edition
Country: Austria
Released: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Ambient
Credits: Photography - Dougles P.
Notes: First edition from 1998, distributed by World Serpent Distribution (UK).
The cover features a detail of a painting by Werner Peiner, with the cover of the Single 7" (WKN01) overlayed. The back cover denotes World Serpent and made in England. The inlay card provides WKN contact information as well as "Photo: Douglas P." credit. The booklet is glossy printed throughout, with a colour photo of Albin Julius.
A second edition was made in 2000, distributed by Tesco Distribution (Germany).

Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Lebens Heil!的曲目列表

01. i
02. ii
03. iii
04. iv
05 .v
06. vi
07. vii
08. viii
09. ix
10. x
11. xi
12. xii
13. xiii
14. xiv
15. xv
16. xvi

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