Celtic Woman

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Celtic Woman / 流行 / 2005


Celtic Woman(美丽人声)是恩雅式爱尔兰系美声的五人女子组合。包括四名女声与一名小提琴手。为2005-06跨界音乐销售最佳的全新组合。
《Celtic Woman》《A Christmas Celebration》《A New Journey》

Celtic Woman的曲目列表

1. Last Rose Of Summer (Intro)-Walking In The Air
2. May It Be
3. Isle Of Inisfree
4. Danny Boy
5. One World
6. Ave Maria
7. Send Me A Song
8. Siuil A Run (Walk My Love)
9. Orinoco Flow
10. Someday
11. She Moved Thru The Fair
12. Nella Fantasia
13. The Butterfly
14. Harrys Game
15. The Soft Goodbye
16. You Raise Me Up
17. The Ashoken Farewell-The Contradiction (Live)
18. Si Do Mhaimeo I (The Wealthy Widow) (Live)

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