A Violent Narcotic

9.0 32人评价

Jute / 2002-10-17


Jute is a four piece electronic act from Chicago IL who have something very warm, soothing, and seductive to offer. While the music here is anything but violent, an addicting narcotic it most certainly is. A Violent Narcotic is a mist of woven beats, ambient textures, and revolving rhythms and patterns constantly in flux, moving in and out. Although the band revolve around a rock based instrumental formula -bass, guitar, piano, and some additional flute and cello, the continuous floating beats make it seem unconventional and substantial in creating an etherial soundscape. The dominating force of Jute is the angelic, melting vocals of siren Julie Axis. She is absolutely essential to the workings of Jute, propelling the composition into an abstract lasting beauty. As a whole, Jute's music is somewhere among that middle ground between the ambient textures and beats of Scorn, with the more classical, compositional framework and gorgeous vocals of Amber Asyulm or Miranda Sex Garden. The album also reminds me of the classical/electronic dub work of Controlled Bleeding's Gilded Shadows, particularly Julie's vocal resemblance to Trang on that masterpiece. Despite reference points to other acts, what is very important here is the band's process of finding new ways of musical expression, and their ability to capture the atmospheric beauty successfully and exceptionally. A Violent Narcotic is simply fantastic, exciting, and beautiful material, and Jute is certainly one of the very best bands I have heard in a long while. Jeramy Ponder of Jackalblaster Magazine.

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Southern Exposure


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