A Very Long Engagement

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Angelo Badalamenti / Original Soundtrack / 2004-12-07


From Warner Independent, a new division of Warner Bros. Pictures, comes "A Very Long Engagement" – a love story set during World War I featuring the director and star of "Amelie," Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou. With a box-office total of $152 million, "Amelie" is one of the most popular foreign language films of recent years. Director Jeunet’s "Engagement" is the biggest budget French film in history, opening on 800 screens in its home country. Based on the acclaimed novel by Sebastien Japrisot, the story takes place at the close of the war, when Mathilde(Tautou) receives word that her fiancee is one of five wounded soldiers who have been court-martialed and forced into the no-man’s-land between the French and German lines to die an almost certain death. Unwilling to accept that her lover is lost to her forever, Mathilde embarks on an investigation, strengthened by a steadfast hope. In her quest to discover his fate, she is drawn deeper into the horrors of war and the indelible marks it leaves on those whose lives it has touched. The orchestral score is by Angelo Badalamenti ("Twin Peaks," "Mulholland Drive," "The Company," "The Straight Story," "Lost Highway"), conducted by Phil Marshall.

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Main Title /The Trenches


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