Saturday Night Engine

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Club 8 / 2003


Club 8's spring 2003 EP, Saturday Night Engine, is a turning point in the band's young career. This is mostly due to the title track. "Saturday Night Engine" is a song unlike any other Club 8 song committed to record. A pounding drum beat like a Swedish Northern soul stomper, gleefully twisting guitar lines, a fat and funky organ, and Johan Andergard's uncharacteristically excited vocals combine to make this a classic indie pop song. It is the first Club 8 track that makes you want to get up and jump around for joy. It is the first track that transcends their influences (Saint Etienne, the Cardigans) and sounds like a truly inspired band. The next track is closer to typical Club 8 fare; "I Have No Plan" is a dreamy ballad that shows off Karolina Komstedt's sultry vocals. Elsewhere the band dabbles in distorted, dramatic Slowdive-esque shoegazing on "So Tied Up"; hip-hop on the abbreviated "Giza"; glitzy Euro dance-pop on "People Who Would Go For You"; and otherworldly trip-hop with a country feel on the very good and quite-reminiscent-of-One Dove "Sometimes I Feel Like a Loser." The previous Club 8 record found the group to be repeating themselves and drifting toward boredom, but this EP bucks that trend in a very emphatic manner. The band sounds much more interested in arrangements and musical exploration here, the vocals sound inspired, and the songs are memorable. Fans of Club 8 who had begun to write the band off will be pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Saturday Night Engine的曲目列表

1. Saturday Night Engine
2. I Have No Better Plan
3. So Tied Up
4. Giza
5. People Who Would Go for You
6. Sometimes I Feel Like A Loser

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