Whale Rider

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Lisa Gerrard / 2003


This ex-Dead Can Dance member imparts her own mixture of the ethereal, the worldly, the emotionally abstract, & the purely beautiful to all of her projects. She's been universally recognized & acclaimed for her body of work, received a Golden Globe & was Oscar-nominated for the ''Gladiator'' soundtrack. She has also worked on such high profile movies as ''Ali'' & ''The Insider''. This release is a soundtrack for the New Zealand indie film ''Whale Rider'', already the biggest grossing film in New Zealand ever. Gerrard's music, combined with the motion picture, provides an experience of profound power & spiritual enlightenment. Digipak/slipcase. 4AD/Beggars Banquet. 2003.

Whale Rider的曲目列表

1. Paikea Legend
2. Journey Away
3. Rejection
4. Biking Home
5. Ancestors
6. Suitcase
7. Pai Calls The Whales
8. Reiputa
9. Disppointed
10. They Come To Day
11. Pai Theme
12. Paikeas's Whale
13. Empty Water
14. Waka In The Sky
15. Go Foward

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