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Cleveland's only legitimate claim to house the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is a band that will never be inducted there. In fact, it is more than 25 years after the group broke up that a legitimate album of their material is now available on Smog Veil. This was Rocket From The Tombs--the mutant daddy to Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys. Originally, singer David Thomas started the band in May 1974 as a kind of vaudeville act, though later the group would have a good grasp of theatrics. A gifted guitarist/writer named Peter Laughner showed up at some of the farce-filled gigs, jammed with the band and joined soon after. Thomas and Laughner would make a new more musical lineup that included Gene O'Connor (Cheetah Chrome), Greg Bell, and Johnny Madansky (Johnny Blitz). Somehow this disparate crew got opening gigs ranging from Iron Butterfly to Captain Beefheart to Television (who Laughner joined briefly). Without Rocket From The Tombs, the world may have never heard "30 Seconds Over Tokyo", "Final Solution", "Ain't It Fun", "Sonic Reducer", and "Down In Flames"--all Rocket's originals, and all contained on this release, along with 14 other tracks culled from archival live recordings, some of which have never previously been bootlegged. Comprehensive Liner Notes and never before seen photos are jam-packed in this complete retrospective that showcases the true inception of the Cleveland underground sound.

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Raw Power


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