The Great Twenty-Eight

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Chuck Berry / 摇滚 / 1982


摇滚乐真正的先行者Chuck Berry在1955-1965年间最脍炙人口的28首金曲的精选,他的歌曲带有明显的由乡村民谣向摇滚乐过渡的特征,曲风清新质朴,欢快洒脱,作为一个杰出的吉他手、创作人和歌手,Chuck Berry影响了后世无数的摇滚大师,有人说,如果没有Chuck Berry,Beatles和Bob Dylan等人的出现全都是不可想像的。
This is the place to start listening to Chuck Berry. The Great Twenty-Eight was a two-LP, single CD compilation that emerged during the early '80s, amid a brief period in which the Chess catalog was in the hands of the Sugar Hill label, a disco-oriented outfit that later lost the catalog to MCA. It has proved to be one of the most enduring of all compilations of Berry's work. Up until the release of this disc, every attempt at a compilation had either been too sketchy (the 1964 Greatest Hits album on Chess) or too demanding for the casual listener (the three Golden Decade double-LP sets), and this was the first set to find a happy medium between convenience and thoroughness. Veteran listeners will love this CD even if they learn little from it, while neophytes will want to play it to death. All of the cuts come from Berry's first nine years in music, including all of the major singles as well as relatively minor hits such as "Come On" (which was more significant in the history of rock & roll in its cover version performed by the Rolling Stones as their debut release). The sound is decent throughout (surprisingly, except for "Come On," which has some considerable noise), although it is considerably outclassed by the most recent round of remasterings. In the decades since its release, there have been more comprehensive collections of Berry's work, but this is the best single disc, if one can overlook the relatively lo-fi digital sound.

The Great Twenty-Eight的曲目列表

1. Maybellene
2. 30 Days
3. You Can't Catch Me
4. Too Much Monkey Business
5. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
6. Roll Over Beethoven
7. Havana Moon
8. School Days
9. Rock And Roll Music
10. Oh Baby Doll
11. Reelin' and Rockin'
12. Sweet Little Sixteen
13. Johnny B. Goode
14. Around And Around
15. Carol
16. Beautiful Delilah
17. Memphis
18. Sweet Little Rock And Roller
19. Little Queenie
20. Almost Grown
21. Back In The USA
22. Let It Rock
23. Bye Bye Johnny
24. I'm Talking About You
25. Come On
26. Nadine
27. No Particular Place To Go
28. I Want To Be Your Driver

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