In Search of Sunrise

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DJ Tiesto / 1999-11-22


First installment in the Dutch DJ's dance/trance compilation series. 14 tracks compiled & mixed by DJ Tiesto himself. Tracks, York 'The Reachers Of Civilisation', Libra Presents Taylor 'Anomaly Calling Your Name', Billie Ray Martin 'Honey', Marc Vision 'Time Gate' (Update), Solace 'Mecury & Solace' (BT 12 Mastermix), Cabala 'Dark Blue', Gypsy 'I Trance You' (Pappa & Gilbey Mix), Yahel & DJ Miss T 'Going Up', Technique 'Sun Is Shining' (Mash Up Matt Mix), Gouryella 'Walhalla', Kamaya Painters 'Far From Over', Lange 'I Belive' (DJ Tandu Remix), The Morrighan 'Remember' (Lange Remix) & DJ Tiesto 'Sparkles' (Magical Remake). 1999 release.


In Search of Sunrise的曲目列表

Reachers of Civilisation


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