Shoot from the Hip

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor / 流行 / 2003-11-03


'Shoot From The Hip' is the follow up to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's triple-platinum selling debut album 'Read My Lips' (2001). The album features various co-writers and producers including Bernard Butler, Alex James, and Groove Armada's Andy Cato and is a heady mix of disco, pop, and rock. The single 'Mixed Up World' is also included. UK edition includes two bonus tracks, 'Making Music' & 'I Won't Dance With You'. Polydor. 2003.

Shoot from the Hip的曲目列表

1 Making Music
2 Mixed Up World
3 I Won't Change You
4 Nowhere Without You
5 Another Day
6 Party In My Head
7 Love It Is Love
8 You Get Yours
9 The Walls Keep Saying Your Name
10 I Won't Dance With You
11 I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want
12 Hello, Hello / Physical (Hidden Track)

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