Perfect Night: Live in London

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Lou Reed / 1998-04-21


Lou Reed的一张现场录音,录制于the royal festival hall,lodon(Meltown'97)。许多歌曲的吉他接近于原声吉他,因此也成为许多Lou Reed歌迷的心水现场录音。

Perfect Night: Live in London的曲目列表

1. "I'll Be Your Mirror"
2. "Perfect Day"
3. "The Kids"
4. "Vicious"
5. "Busload of Faith"
6. "Kicks"
7. "Talking Book"
8. "Into the Divine"
9. "Coney Island Baby"
10. "New Sensations"
11. "Why Do You Talk"
12. "Riptide"
13. "Original Wrapper"
14. "Sex with Your Parents"
15. "Dirty Blvd."

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