Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

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Decadence / 2005


Decadence has been proudly signed to Cold Meat Industry for their first album since the "Something to love, something to spend" LP in 2003. With their new album "Where do broken hearts go?", Decadence manage to create a perfect harmony between sophisticated Neo-Classical and Neo-Folk music; dramatic classical orchestrations, militaristic snares and soft melodies played by piano and acoustic guitars. Fragile innocence presented by female singer Eufrosyne, and completed by the cynical voice of Petros - a perfect combination of Romance and Sin.
Decadence have released very limited vinyls on prestigious labels before, that were instantly sold out, so we are finally glad to present their new album, to a larger audience.
Jewelcase with 24-pages fullcolour booklet with decadent and sexy pictures.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?的曲目列表

1. Good Boys Go to Heaven (Sperm & Honey)
2. Sin
3. Happily!
4. Cold Winter Sun
5. Farewell of Living
6. By the Time We Sleep the Deepest Sleep
7. Do Not Resist
8. Everything I Am
9. When My Hands Seek Yours
10. With a Dream & A Gun

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