Roger The Engineer

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The Yardbirds / 摇滚 / 1966-05-15


Roger the Engineer (original UK title: Yardbirds, US, German, and French title: Over Under Sideways Down) is an album by the English blues rock band The Yardbirds, released in 1966. It was produced by bassist Paul Samwell-Smith and Simon Napier-Bell. It was the only Yardbirds album with all original material. Although the record was officially titled Yardbirds (and still is in authoritative chart sources, such as The Guinness Book of British Hit Albums), it has since been referred to, first colloquially, then semi-officially, as Roger the Engineer, a title stemming from the cover drawing of the record's audio engineer Roger Cameron by band member Chris Dreja. Due to the influence of Jeff Beck's experimentation with guitar distortion, the album is considered a precursor to heavy metal.

Roger The Engineer的曲目列表

Side one
"Lost Woman" – 3:16 (stereo)
"Over, Under, Sideways, Down" – 2:24 (rechanneled)
"The Nazz Are Blue" – 3:04 (stereo)
"I Can't Make Your Way" – 2:26 (stereo)
"Rack My Mind" – 3:15 (stereo)
"Farewell" – 1:29 (stereo)
Side two
"Hot House of Omagarashid" – 2:39 (stereo)
"Jeff's Boogie" – 2:25 (based on the original "Guitar Boogie" by Chuck Berry) (rechanneled)
"He's Always There" – 2:15 (stereo)
"Turn into Earth" – 3:06 (stereo)
"What Do You Want" – 3:22 (stereo)
"Ever Since the World Began" – 2:09 (stereo)

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