One Of Us

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Joan Osborne / 2005


One of the most distinctive vocalists to arise out of the 1990’s, Joan Osborne has impressed audiences with her energetic and heartfelt performances for well over a decade, developing a loyal fan base that continues to expand today. One Of Us showcases Osborne’s powerful and emotive vocal style with eleven incredible songs, including "How Sweet It Is", "Love’s In Need Of Love Today", and the smash single "One Of Us", a must-have for Joan Osborne fans and rock music devotees everywhere.

One Of Us的曲目列表

1. One Of Us
2. How Sweet It Is
3. Why Can't We Live Together
4. Everybody Is A Star
5. Smiling Faces Sometimes
6. These Arms Of Mine
7. Right Hand Man
8. Only You Know And I Know
9. Think
10. I'll Be Around
11. Love's In Need Of Love Today

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