Monk's Dream

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Thelonious Monk / 爵士 / 2002-09-03


Monk's Dream is the first album jazz musician Thelonious Monk released on Columbia Records. It was issued in 1963. [1]
"Bye-Ya" and "Bolivar Blues" were recorded on October 31, 1962; "Body and Soul" and "Bright Mississippi" on November 1; "Sweet and Lovely", "Just a Gigolo" and "Monk's Dream" on November 2; and "Five Spot Blues" on November 6.
"Bright Mississippi" is the only track on the album that Monk had not previously recorded.
"Bolivar Blues" was originally titled "Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are", and had been on Monk's 1957 Riverside album, Brilliant Corners.
"Five Spot Blues" was originally called "Blues Five Spot" and had first appeared on the album Misterioso, which was recorded live at the Five Spot Cafe in New York in 1958 and released on Riverside.
"Monk's Dream", "Bye-Ya", and "Sweet and Lovely" had also been previously recorded by Monk for Prestige Records at a session ten years earlier.

Monk's Dream的曲目列表

1 Monk's Dream (Take 8)
2 Body And Soul (Re-Take 2)
3 Bright Mississippi (Take 1)
4 Blues Five Spot
5 Blue Bolivar Blues (Take 2)
6 Just A Gigolo
7 Bye-Ya
8 Sweet And Lovely
9 Monk's Dream (Take 3)
10 Body And Soul (Take 1)
11 Bright Mississippi (Take 3)
12 Blue Bolivar Blues (Take 1)

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