The Brave and the Bold

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Tortoise And Bonnie Prince Billy / 2006


This first time collaboration between Tortoise and Will Oldham features covers of such artists as Bruce Springsteen ("Thunder Road"), The Minutemen ("It's Expected I'm Gone") Elton John and Bernie Taupin ("Daniel"), Lungfish ("Love Is Love"), Richard Thompson ("Cavalry Cross"), and more. The songs are almost unrecognizable to their original versions, yet each was chosen with care and reverence with no sense of irony. The record is undeniably both a Tortoise and a Bonnie "Prince" Billy record, and yet altogether something completely new and exciting.

The Brave and the Bold的曲目列表

1. Cravo ?Canela
2. Thunder Road
3. It's Expected I'm Gone
4. Daniel
5. Love Is Love
6. Pancho
7. That's Pep
8. (Some Say) I Got Devil
9. The Calvary Cross
10. On My Own

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