The humbucking coil

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B. Fleischmann / 2005


Bernhard Fleischmann, Biography:
Vienna Calling, close to the Naschmarkt market. In the heart of a city, his city.
That’s where Bernhard Fleischmann was born in 1975. That’s where the piano was placed, the starting point of his musical experience. And later on a drum set, his companion through teenage years. On the edge of adolescence Bernhard Fleischmann formed the bands Speed Is Essential and Sore!. Together with the latter his first record: „my idea of fun“.
Vienna Calling, in the middle of the nineties with a more and more electronic voice.

The humbucking coil的曲目列表

1. Broken monitors
2. Gain
3. Composure
4. First times
5. Phones and machines
6. Static grate
7. From to
8. Aldebaran waltz

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