Genius 2000

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Namie Amuro / 安室奈美恵 / 流行 / 2000-01-26


Genius 2000 is Namie Amuro's fourth original studio album produced by Tetsuya Komuro and Dallas Austin, and her first collaboration with Austin.

Genius 2000的曲目列表

01.Make The Connection Complete
02.Love 2000
03.Respect the Power Of Love
04.Leavin for Las Vegas
05.Something Bout The Kiss
06.I Have Never Seen
07.Still In Love
08.Mi Corazon(Te' Amour)
09.You Are The One featuring Imajin
10.Kiss And Ride
11.Things I Collected
12.Next To You
13.Asking Why
14.Give It a Try
15.Log Off

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