Family Tree

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Björk / 电子 / 2002


A special box set featuring six CDs - five 3'' & one 5'' - of her own personal favorite songs, which in her words represent 'the story of how I got to where I am today & in my musical words to say how I developed as a musician.' The box will include tracks, some previously unreleased, taken from Bjork's whole career, not just her solo career. The discs include one CD on which Bjork compiles her own 'greatest hits', & a series of 3'' mini -CDs divided into 'Roots', 'Beats' & 'Strings' collections. Family Tree is packaged in a custom made transparent rose colored plastic case, Ingeniously configured to house the six disc set. Includes a 16 page lyric book, a map guiding fans through the collection & individual packaging for each branch of the tree. Elektra. 2002.

Family Tree的曲目列表

1-1. Sidasta Eg
1-2. Glora
1-3. Fuglar
1-4. Ammaei
1-5. Mamma
2-1. Immature
2-2. Cover Me
2-3. generous palmstroke
2-4. joga (strings and vocals)
2-5. Mother Heroic
3-1. The Modern Things
3-2. Karvel
3-3. I Go Humble
3-4. Nature Is Ancient
4-1. Unravel
4-2. Cover Me
4-3. Possibly Maybe
4-4. The Anchor Song
4-5. Hunter
5-1. All Neon Like
5-2. I've Seen It All
5-3. Bachelorette
5-4. Play Dead
6-1. Venus As A Boy
6-2. Hyperballad
6-3. You've Been Flirting Again
6-4. Isobel
6-5. Joga
6-6. Unravel
6-7. Bachelorette
6-8. All Is Full Of Love
6-9. Scatterheart
6-10. I've Seen It All
6-11. Pagan Poetry
6-12. It's Not Up To You

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