Love Affair

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Sophie Zelmani / 民谣 / 2003


The years have passed since Sophie Zelmani's eponymous 1995 debut. Back in the mid-nineties her music was a fresh spring breeze, her sound unpolished and her songs mellow summer ballads of seldom-heard directness and honesty. After another three critically acclaimed albums, Sophie returns with her magical voice and the gift of expressing a lot with few words. "Love Affair" is an album about people and their relations. The songs evoke intimacy and demand attention and proximity The deluxe CD Booklet includes photos by Anton Corbijn.

Love Affair的曲目列表

1. September Tears
2. Maja's Song
3. To Know You
4. Memories
5. Truth
6. Keep It To Yourself
7. Grand As Loving
8. Dream Gets Clear
9. Fade
10. Hard To Know
11. Your Way
12. Stay With My Heart
13. Lost In Love

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