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Sweetbox / 流行 / 2004-02-04


Adagio is the fourth album of Sweetbox and the third album with Jade Villalon as frontwoman. It was released in 2004, in two different versions. One was released in Japan, debuting at #3, and the other was released in Europe, Korea and Taiwan. The album was heavily inspired by world music, with songs sampling music originating from around the globe. The album also saw a hip-hop influence, furthered by guest vocalist RJ. Many of the songs showcased a far more personal approach from Jade's songwriting, dealing with topics such as spirituality and accepting the death of loved ones.
The albulm contains the extended versions of "Real Emotion" and "1000 Words", two of the tracks Jade recorded for the popular video game, Final Fantasy X-2.
The track 'Chyna Girl' was orginally written by Jade and Geo, for the pop group S.H.E., and although S.H.E. re-wrote the lyrics, also writing them in Taiwanese, Jade Villalon is credited for writing the vocal melodies belonging to the song.


1. Liberty
2. Life is Cool
3. Somewhere
4. Hate without Frontier
5. Far Away
6. Testemony
7. Il' Be There
8. Lacrimosa
9. Sorry
10. I don't wanna be
11. Chyna Girl
12. Everybody
13. Miss You - exclusive bonus track (Japan only)
14. You Can't Hide - exclusive bonus track (Japan only)
15. 1000 Words (special bonus track)
16. real Emotion (special bonus track)






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