Best of Sweetbox 1995-2005

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Sweetbox / 流行 / 2005


This 'Best Of' collection features the hit 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' and includes the bonus tracks 'Booyah-Here We Go' & 'Shakalaka' plus a 15 page booklet. Lazy Eye Records. 2005.

Best of Sweetbox 1995-2005的曲目列表

1. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
2. Read My Mind
3. That Night
4. For The Lonely (Even Sweeter V
5. More Than Love
6. Life Is Cool
7. Everytime (New Version)
8. Chyna Girl
9. Superstar
10. Killing Me DJ (European Versio
11. Somewhere
12. Cinderella (Electric Spice Mix
13. Unforgiven (Geo's Mix)
14. After The Lights
15. On The Radio
16. Hate without Frontiers
17. Here On My Own ("Lighter Shade
18. Piano In The Dark
19. Crazy
20. Tour De France

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