Corrinne May

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Corrinne May / 民谣 / 22 February, 2001


This Singapore-born, Berklee-educated songwriter combines the haunting otherworldliness of artists like Sarah McLachlan and Sting with the open veracity of Joni Mitchell. The result is Corrinne May's stunning self-titled release. May's voice is instantly intoxicating - beautiful and adept, but never needlessly showy. Her melodies slide elegantly through well-executed, smart arrangements. Even though one track, the lovely "If You Didn't Love Me", was co-written by Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager, May's solely self-penned songs stand on their own as solid, engaging examples of writing. "Stay on the Road" and "All that I Need" are lush driven pop while "Mr. Beasley" and the sweet opener "Fly Away" are piano adorned folk gems. With her hopeful, fluid lyrics and heavenly voice, this is a touching, enchanting record.

- Performing Songwriter Magazine, August 2002

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Fly Away


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