Ruby Blue

7.7 248人评价

Róisín Murphy / 电子 / 2005-06-20


The lead singer of Moloko takes a step to the side to release her first solo endeavor, co-produced by Matthew Herbert. This is the first time electronic pioneer Herbert has lent his production skills to anything other than his solo works, and it's being called his best work yet. Packaging features the vibrant artwork of Simon Henwood. "Ruby Blue" is an underground classic waiting to spread its wings.

Ruby Blue的曲目列表

1. Leaving The City
2. Sinking Feeling
3. Night of the dancing Flame
4. Through Time
5. Sow into You
6. Dear Diary
7. If We’re in Love
8. Ramalama (Bang Bang)
9. Ruby Blue
10. Off on it
11. Prelude To Love in The Making
12. The Closing of the doors

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