Resurrection: the Return of a King

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In Slaughter Natives / 流行 / 2004


Many are the tales which could be told about Sweden's In Slaughter Natives. Far-reaching would be their influence and impact. When one thinks of this band, a host of images and emotions immediately present themselves. The sounds of fire and brimstone would be one facet to the work of this legendary band. A quieter, introspective ponderance is another. But perhaps the most enduring feel that this band has to me is one of psychosis coupled with a darkness that has never been equalled.
This is the first new album from J. Havukainen (the man who is and always will be ISN) since 1996. I have always savoured each new release he imparts upon the world due to their uniqueness and their uncompromising approach. In Slaughter Natives have broadened their sound for "Resurrection" but not in a pandering or calculated way. They have added new elements (violins and other strings) to their work so as to increase the overall power; never does the blackness abate. Havukainen weaves his tales of deceit and despair with an emotive authority you will not find elsewhere. The cavalcade of doom and the crushing misanthropy are, in themselves, enough reason to buy this album. And yet... there is much hope contained within the passages and dirges of imminent systemic collapse. Catharsis has rarely been so well-concealed.
True, to some, In Slaughter Natives are too abrasive, too despondent, too bleak. To me, they are what those of us who survive the end of life as we know it on planet earth will be listening to non-stop. They are that good.

Resurrection: the Return of a King的曲目列表

1. Behind My Walls
2. You Are The Dead
3. Ashes Of Angels
4. Tearing My Life Away
5. As My Shield
6. Your Breed
7. Vulture
8. Anger Are You With Me, Follow My Steps
9. Blood Testural
10. And You Still Are The Dead

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