Dark Age of Reason

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Arcana / 世界音乐 / 1996


Of the fifteen bands featured on the European version of the ...And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth compilation, it was probably Arcana who managed to leave the most sizable impression. Following on the heels of that appearance were two equally as impressive tracks on the quickly sold out and nearly impossible to find Hearts of Shadow Gods double 7", that left me and many others, drooling in anticipation for the release of their CD. And so here it is, short enough at a mere 37 minutes that it feels more like an extended CDEP rather than a full lenghter, but with 10 songs total, it has just enough material to satisfy those with itchings to hear more from this talented Swedish male/female duo. Comparisons to Dead Can Dance will be made, and they are inevitable and justified, with Arcana's approach to intrumentation and compositions nearly identical to something like "De Profundis" off of Dead Can Dance's Spleen and Ideal. But in terms of nobility, elegance and ambrosial opulence, Arcana manage to take things a few steps further, with each song a genuine embodiment of sweet sorrow wrapped up in decadent electro-symphonic melodia; woefully baroque wood winds, gently plucked strings, flowing violin orchestrations, beautiful piano melodies, and of course, the heavenly blending of baritone and soprano vocals courtesy of Peter Petterson and the beautiful Ida Bengtsson (ooppha!). Yes, it's all been done before in some form or another, but who am I to chastise the band for doing it this damn good? Also availible on LP. CMI.

Dark Age of Reason的曲目列表

1. Our God Weeps
2. Angel of Sorrow
3. Source of Light
4. The Calm Before The Storm
5. Dark Age of Reason
6. Like Statues in the Garden of Dreaming
7. The Oath
8. ...For My Love
9. Serenity
10. The Song of Mourning

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